About Us

Welcome to TAVOLA TOURS!

We are an award-winning boutique travel company specializing in unique culinary and cultural tours to Italy. In Italian, tavola means table; and that’s where friends and family gather to share a meal, have fun and create memories. So chef Franco Lania and Joan Marie Scott have designed all tours with foodies in mind, where you can let your inner chef run wild as you enjoy the culinary delights and viniculture of Italy.

You will meet, learn from and cook with local artisans who are true masters of Italian food and who have spent their lives preserving the time-honored traditions of the towns and villages that we will visit. We will be making many fascinating stops along the way, venturing up mountains and down through valleys, where we will see some of the best and well-known cultural and tourist attractions of this beautiful country that boasts the most UNESCO sites in the world.

Whether you are a first-time or seasoned visitor, this blend of culinary education and cultural enlightenment will surely enhance your Italian journey — all while you enjoy a slice of “la dolce vita”, the sweet life.

We look forward to seeing you once tourism opens up again.

– Your friends at TAVOLA TOURS