Best Culinary & Cultural Tour Specialist Mid-Atlantic USA

Luxlife Magazine | Travel & Tourism Awards

All of us at Tavola Tours are extremely excited to announce that we won a travel award from the prestigious Luxlife Magazine The award was given for Best Italian Culinary & Cultural Specialist Mid-Atlantic, USALuxlife Magazine’s Travel & Tourism Awards cover all markets from travel agencies, tour operators, food & beverage services, hotels, transportation, entertainment, and more.

The magazine’s target audience spans the highest net worth individuals from around the world. They know what they like and are willing to pay for it. Therefore, some of the world’s most internationally renowned and well-recognized brands, products, and individuals are highlighted in Luxlife magazine.

Luxlife Magazine | Travel & Tourism Awards

A tour in Italy with us will take you to the well-known cultural highlights and sightseeing locations.  However, with Tavola Tours, you will definitely veer off the beaten path for a more local experience.  There are many hidden gems that are not often seen on big tours.  With our boutique-sized groups, we are able to experience many worthwhile locations that the big bus tour companies simply can not.

Additionally, culinary arts and cooking are a big part of a tour with us.  Learning about local gastronomy and viniculture from a team of hand-picked professionals in Italy is a big reason why Tavola Tours was awarded by Luxlife Magazine. Cooking with the locals and learning about the history and traditions behind many authentic Italian dishes is a great way to have a fun culinary, and cultural experience.  Our tours are a place where you can make new friends as you get to know your fellow travelers in a small group setting. We try our very best to bring you carefully crafted adventures that will create experiences of a lifetime. Please contact us for your special Italy travel needs. We look forward to serving you as the world prepares to open up for tourism once again!


Best Italian Culinary & Cultural Specialist Mid-Atlantic USA

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